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Wonder Woman Complete Movie Info

Wonder Woman Info

Release Date: 02 Jun 2017
Release Date: PG-13
Year: 2017
Director: Patty Jenkins
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Budget: $120,000,000 (estimated)

(Rating: 8.2/10 - 4203 votes)

One of the cool things that Marvel’s Cinematic Universe did for superhero films is that it challenged every other studio interested in the genre to up their game, and that should be good news for anyone interested in seeing what DC Comics has to offer when it comes to its own cinematic universe. DC has always been subordinate to Marvel when it comes to its heroes, but DC does have a Big Three of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman that it can rely on for movie magic, which is why so many people are super-excited for the Wonder Woman full movie. In fact, whether you’re a fanboy or fangirl, chances are, you’ve been salivating for a great superhero film in which the lead is a strong woman, and from the looks of the Wonder Woman trailer online, audiences are about to get their wish.

As a character, Wonder Woman has always been iconic. Part of the reason is that she’s one of the few cool female superheroes in the DC pantheon, strong enough to stand toe-to-toe with Superman and Batman, but still elegant enough to be feminine and stylish. In fact, Wonder Woman may be the first feminist superhero, and that aspect of her character should be on full display for audiences who watch Wonder Woman, which is scheduled to open on June 2, 2017, right at the start of the summer movie season.

If you’re of a certain age, you may remember the Wonder Woman TV show that premiered on November 7, 1975 and starred Lynda Carter. The show was campy and fun, but the real attraction was the statuesque Carter, whose risqué outfit caught the attention of more than just one wide-eyed little boy. The series ran for four seasons on CBS, and made Wonder Woman’s alter ego, Diana Prince a household name.

For more than two decades, Warner Bros, which owns DC Comics, has been trying to find a way to make a Wonder Woman movie that made sense. Dozens of writers were hired to write scripts that for one reason or another just didn’t work. There was also the feeling among some film executives that the character lacked the cool factor of such superheroes as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man and Captain America.

However, times have changed, and as the Marvel Universe movies continue to dominate the box office, the feeling among filmmakers is that the world is more than ready to see women kick butt, which is what makes the idea of a good Wonder Woman movie so appealing.

The storyline will apparently take Diana Prince back to her origins on an island of Amazons, and is set during the World War I era. Prince meets a stranded American pilot named Steve Trevor who tells her about the conflict raging throughout the world, triggering her decision to leave her island paradise and do what she can to help.

In terms of film continuity, Wonder Woman will take place before the events of the much maligned Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which introduced the Amazon princess to the DC Cinematic Universe. That makes sense as the Diana Prince in that film was a mysterious character without much back-story, so the fact that this standalone movie will fill in some of the blanks is a good sign. Also, if the events in the film follow the same trajectory as the comic book and the TV series, Diana Prince and Steve Trevor will eventually have a romantic relationship, but that may not be until the sequel.

With all that said, it won’t be that long until June rolls around and Wonder Woman is swinging that magic lasso that forces even the most powerful to tell the truth. However, a film isn’t made in a vacuum, so let’s take a look at the major roles in this superhero saga based on our Wonder Woman online research.

  • Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman: Gadot is a 31-year-old actress who was born in Israel and is known to American audiences for her appearances in several movies in The Fast and the Furious franchise. Unlike most Hollywood starlets, Gadot has an intriguing background, as she served as a solider in the Israeli military for two years prior to becoming an actress. She also studied law for several years after high school, and then became a model and then an actress. After a long search, Gadot won the coveted role of Diana Prince and stars in the Wonder Woman full movie. She won raves for her role in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and is slated to appear in the Wonder Woman solo movie as well as the upcoming Justice League film. She learned kickboxing, capoeira and jiu-jitsu for the role.
  • Chris Pine as Steve Trevor: Pine is a well-known Hollywood actor who has played the iconic role of young Captain Kirk in the rebooted Star Trek blockbusters. He recently starred in the Oscar-nominated modern-day western, Hell Or High Water, which showed that he was more than just a pretty face, but the jury is out on how much of an impression he will make in what is essentially a female-driven epic. It’s likely that Pine will attract some of his legion of women fans to watch Wonder Woman when it comes out in June. He’s cool enough, however, the guys won’t mind going to see what could be termed a “superhero chick flick” because Pine is in the movie, so his casting may end up being very shrewd.
  • Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta: Nielsen plays the Amazon queen of the island of Themyscira, who also happens to be the mother of Diana Prince. Nielsen has become a solid presence in these types of movies, having co-starred in Gladiator. Nielsen was offered the role after first-choice actress Nicole Kidman was unable to clear her schedule to do the movie.
    Nielsen brings the proper strength and size to the role of a woman who rules the island nation, and per the Wonder Woman trailer online, she will do some fighting in the film, so that will be fun to watch.
  • Robin Wright as General Antiope: Most people may have scoffed at this casting before Wright burned bright in her Emmy-nominated role in House of Cards, but with that success, her casting as the sister of Queen Hippolyta, and the aunt of Diana Prince seems inspired. Just a few glimpses of Wright in the movie’s trailers, and her photo spread in Entertainment Weekly shows that she not only got ripped to shreds for the role, she looks like she could take on an army of men by herself. Wright can act, so that’s a big plus in this type of movie, but watching her do her thing when it comes to female empowerment should be a lot of fun. It’s a great sign of things to come that the filmmakers hired good actors to embody these roles and help ground the film.
  • Danny Huston: General Erich Ludendorff: Huston has become the go-to actor to play villainous roles and, by the looks of it, his Ludendorff character is a German general who has some kind of nefarious plot in the film. Huston can play these roles in his sleep, but he always brings enough fun and humanity to his roles that he turns cardboard characters into real flesh-and-blood human beings. The role is based on a real-life German general of the same name who fought during World War I. It’s unclear how much the filmmakers took from the real Ludendorff, but given that this is a superhero movie, it’s likely that some creative liberties were taken. Those are the major roles in Wonder Woman, and the good news is that some care seems to have gone into hiring better-than-average actors to bring something interesting and unique to the characters, which may end up being the difference between a mediocre film and a summer smash.


Many people felt that the best part of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was the introduction of Diana Prince, so anticipation for the Wonder Woman full movie has been building for more than a year.

To its credit, Warner Bros. didn’t just rush out a Wonder Woman movie years ago when the audience wasn’t quite there, so this feels like the perfect time in the zeitgeist for this film. Women love action and adventure as much as guys do, they would just prefer to see some strong females in starring roles, and in that respect, the Wonder Woman online trailer gives them hope for the summer.

Also, Gal Gadot seems to have taken the best parts of the TV character and made them her own. In an interview with Digital Spy, Gadot talked about how this film delves into Wonder Woman’s earlier years as an idealist who hasn’t quite matured into a full-fledged heroine.

What makes this film a must-see is that it is the first superhero movie directed by a woman (Patty Jenkins) that stars a woman in the lead role. That by itself is a reason to give this film a chance, but the trailers have shown that this movie will not stint on the action and spectacle that makes superhero movies special. Fans who watch Wonder Woman when it opens on June 2, will find out if this is the beginning of a fantastic new franchise. Until then, check out the trailers and teasers of Wonder Woman online.

Wonder Woman - Main Actors

Gal Gadot
Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
Born: April 30, 1985 in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel
Robin Wright
General Antiope
Born: April 8, 1966 in Dallas, Texas, USA
Connie Nielsen
Queen Hippolyta
Born: July 3, 1965 in Elling, Frederikshavn, Denmark
Chris Pine
Steve Trevor
Born: August 26, 1980 in Los Angeles, California, USA
David Thewlis
Sir Patrick
Born: March 20, 1963 in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK
Ewen Bremner
Born: January 23, 1972 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK